Makeover of an existing E-commerce portal for a prominent international jewellery group


We were given the task of revamping ecommerce portal for a leading international jewelry group.

As a leading gold and diamond jewelry brand, the jewelry has achieved an iconic status within a few years of its launch in 2007. As we have understood, its website is not made as per the standards followed for Jewels online. Further study showed that there is some security and authenticity issues with the website.

The leading jewelry store could not afford to compromise on quality because its capacity to be a brand is essential to its continued existence. Hence with the pressure of the time crunch, we made an analysis of the current situation of their website and revamp it.


Based on our investigation and knowledge the jewelry website was not created in accordance with the criteria used for online jewellery. We discovered several key elements that were necessary to redesign and recreate the website in order to distribute material more effectively. There were some problems with the newly added website's validity, performance, and security. There are various problems raised by users, and some of them have been identified and enumerated. Many problems with the product and its brand-building potential have come to our attention. We will be able to renovate it, make it presentable, and make it marketable.

The jewelry store wanted to solve these problems and lay the groundwork for its next stage of expansion by branding it globally. Modern Ecommerce website is an essential tool for developing Jeweler business. It promotes brand development online. Provides customers with means of communication. This opens up options for cross- or up-selling.


Basic factors to consider for Jewellery Online

A leading jeweler should always be consistent on providing aesthetically pleasing design language. It is essential that the design displays the quality of the products or services in a professional manner. The points to be considered the most were in the layout, color scheme and font selection in the website.

1. Experience

Must offer a user experience that is abundant in features. The market for online sales is more competitive than ever; nonetheless, a convenient and feature-rich user experience can increase customer confidence. Adding/Updating as many as features at times to keep engaging customer.

2. Capture

The significance of social media platforms, search engines, and other applications have to be considered. Getting new customers to the portal is the key, Usage of Realistic and Organic SEO Activities. Cross platform marketing, Social Media Platforms, Competitor analysis retargeting and Remarketing all require an excellent Landing Page.

3. Visual Experience

The new visual algorithm allows for the inclusion of photos in search. Placing right, clean images helps to boost product presentation and gain users from competitor platforms.

4. Explanation

Developing stories for each product and using catchy titles clearly describe the product, mentioning its characteristics, benefits, and target market. It's crucial to be open with users. Size, Material, and Price ought to be obvious.

5. Connecting dots

Starting from Contact us page Instead of just "Sell", keep communicating with customers. Showcase physical presence. Keep implementing new communication channels based on target audience. The ultimate aim is to make users to fall in love with your amazing product. That's why it's important to craft the jewelry's backstory by discussing its distinctive qualities in an engaging way. Its Important to establish relation of trust with your customer. Make it more memorable, emotional and lovable. Promoting the brand with regular newsletters, promotions and offers can bring more popularity among the competitors. Organizing occasional events and providing reward programs also boosts the branding of the jewelry. Armed with these insights, our team hypothesized that better product categories and related product suggestions would improve the user experience of the website.

1.User concerns

Users will definitely have concerns on the authenticity of the jewelry purchased. By presenting and showcasing certifications, hallmarks etc and the website everywhere can put trust on the customers. The concern for security will be the utmost priority as the privacy of the customers should be secured. For that we provide SSL, WAF, IPs and many more.

2.Customer Support

The website should provide live customer care support with Omnichannel support. Live video interaction within the website can also enhance the customer support. An email contact with own domain should be provided.

3.The Design Language

Based on our research, we narrowed down the problem statement for our design. The user needs to be able to easily find the products they want without having to search through dozens of products. The present condition of the website is in the classic mode where only traditional wears are displayed. By adding more luxury and lifestyle to design categories with detailed explanations can elevate the elegance of the brand. Portrayal of more professional images of the jewelry designs based on it’s occasions can provide a clear idea for the customers based on their requirements.