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What happens when the original emails are lost or destroyed? In this situation you need an Email backup. Email data is secured and protected in another storage device. DataguardNXT helps you in restoring your email data by securing it with our best email backup solutions. Understanding what an email backup is and how it works is simply one part of the equation for cyber resilience. It is, of course, critical to install an email backup solution in the event that data is lost due to an internal mishap.

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Email backup is vital for current cyber resilience.
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However, as cyberattacks become more common and sophisticated, it's vital for businesses of all sizes to ensure that data can be retrieved from a recent email backup in the event that thieves steal and encrypt data and intellectual property. Mimecast Cloud Archive can assist you in keeping your data secure and accessible to the intended users.

Organizations have been required to back up their email data for many years. While popular email solutions like Microsoft 365 provide email backup, they are not as robust as one might imagine. Relying only on a single, out-of-the-box email backup and email security solution increases the risk of data loss or outage for enterprises. As a result, when it comes to how to back up emails, it's typical to use a separate email archiving system that was designed from the ground up to preserve your data. Including an extra layer of data protection in the form of an improved email backup system has become an essential component of any modern cyber resilience strategy.