Disaster recovery as a Service

DRaaS is a cloud computing service model that we follow at DataguardNXT that allows an organization to back up its data and IT infrastructure in a third-party cloud computing environment and provide all DR orchestration through a SaaS solution in order to regain access and functionality to IT infrastructure after a disaster. As a service provider, the company can rely on us and not have to own all the necessary resources or handle all disaster recovery management.

Better be prepared than worry and secure yourself with DRaaS.
45% of worldwide organisations utilise DRaaS, and 34% aim to migrate.
DraaS focus mainly on data protection and storage to large IT and cloud vendors.

Many organizations with small IT teams simply cannot afford to devote the time required to investigate, develop, and thoroughly test disaster recovery strategies. DRaaS offloads the responsibility of catastrophe planning from the business and places it in the hands of disaster recovery experts. It can also be significantly less expensive than hosting your own disaster recovery infrastructure in a remote place with an IT staff on standby in the event of a crisis.