Continuous Availability
  • Business Continuity
  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Replication, Monitoring, failover

Continuity Engine

No Application Downtime

Application-Aware Protection

Critical applications are kept accessible regardless of the threat's origin thanks to Continuity Engine's unmatched protection against all forms of downtime.

Simplifying Disaster Recovery

Continuity Engine, well-known for being simple to use and install, offers automated deployment and seamless integration in VMware environments.

Fully integrated, cost-effective, and simple to implement

While High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Site Recovery Manager are built-in features of modern VMware vSphere clusters, they are not perfect.

Uninterrupted Operations

For their most crucial business services, businesses, users, and customers can only get the continuous availability that the Neverfail Continuity Engine provides.

Key Benefits

  • Maintains users' access to their vital apps
  • Offers a unified approach to availability for both virtual and physical platforms.
  • Significantly lowers the amount of bandwidth needed for DR
  • Guarantees that vital applications can be restored in a matter of seconds to minutes.
  • Quickly complete DR tests without stopping production servers.
  • Free additional Neverfail Certified Administrator training is provided.
  • Six months following production installation completion, a system health check is included at no extra cost.
  • Included at no extra cost for the first year of assistance

Neverfail Benefits

Application-Aware Business Continuity Software

Meet The Most Demanding SLAs and Recovery Times

Streamlined Deployments in Any Environment

Give your IT ecosystem complete protection with adaptable deployment choices. With support for physical or virtual to any physical or virtual, HA-HA in the same location, Primary-DR in geolocation, and HA-HA-DR, Continuity Engine safeguards even the most intricate infrastructures.

Engine Management Service in One Place

Using a single pane of glass, administrators can now efficiently plan and automate Engine technology deployments thanks to the new Engine Management Service (EMS). For big businesses, managing BC/DR has never been easier.

Preventive Application Health Monitoring

Avoid downtime and maintain user access to vital applications by automatically switching over critical systems to a standby platform and proactively identifying failure patterns before they arise.

Protecting Multi-tier Applications Seamlessly

Across all physical and virtual server platforms, out-of-the-box application intelligence reliably identifies data sets, services, and dependencies for widely used applications.

Built-in WAN Acceleration

incorporates WAN optimization powered by software to compress and deduplicate all data transmitted over the network. Reduce the amount of network bandwidth needed for disaster recovery operations by up to 80%.

Cozen Passive Node Management (New in 8.5)

The word "czen" means "to trick," and this new technology feature uses a false identity to fool patch management applications used by third parties into thinking that passive nodes have distinct identities.

Supports DR Testing Without Interruption

Make sure vital apps can be restored in a matter of minutes or seconds by employing quick disaster recovery tests that don't interfere with end users' access to applications or production servers.

Neverfail Continuous Availability (FAQs)

Continuous Availability for Critical Applications

Neverfail is a provider of high availability and disaster recovery solutions. The company offers products and services designed to ensure continuous business operations, minimize downtime, and protect against data loss.

Neverfail employs a combination of continuous monitoring, automatic failover, and proactive management to ensure high availability for critical business applications. This minimizes downtime and ensures that applications remain accessible.

Neverfail supports a wide range of applications, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, databases, email servers, and more. The goal is to provide high availability for key business applications.

Yes, Neverfail is designed to protect against both planned downtime (such as maintenance activities) and unplanned downtime (such as hardware failures or disasters). The solution provides continuous availability even during various operational scenarios.

To put it simply, disaster recovery is the process of returning a system to an operational state after it has been rendered inoperative, while high availability is the elimination of single points of failure. Basically, disaster recovery takes over when high availability (HA) fails.