Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS)

DataguardNXT, as a Cloud Aggregator, offers integration services from multiple cloud security solution providers such as Acronis (Cloud Backup), Bitdefender (Cloud end point security), Dropsuite (Cloud Email backup/archiving) Vircom modus (Cloud Email security), DataResolve (Cloud DLP), Carbonite (DR), and Veriato (Cloud Employee Monitoring/Web filtering) and offer a complete package for your business requirement which is more cost-effective.

A complex set of back-end services supports the front end of every software programme.
BaaS providers connect an app's frontend to cloud-based backends.
BaaS helps in saving possibly a lot of time and money.

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Web and mobile apps require a comparable set of backend functions, such as notification service, interaction with social networks, and cloud storage. Each o*f these services has its own API that must be individually included into an app, a process that can be time-consuming and confusing for app developers. Through a single API and SDK (Software Development Kit), BaaS providers create a bridge between an application's frontend and numerous cloud-based backends.

By providing a uniform approach to manage backend data, developers avoid having to redevelop their own backend for each of the services that their apps require, possibly saving both time and money.