Stand Out and Scale Up with the World’s First AI-driven vCISO Platform
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Stand Out and Scale Up with the World's First AI-driven vCISO Platform

Business Impact

Scale Your Business

Provide vCISO services at scale while lowering operating expenses and relying less on CISO labor performed by hand.

Secure Recurring Revenues

By providing a continuing service, you can increase your sales pipeline and recurring income.

Increase Upsells

Use Cynomi's conclusions and suggestions to support and illustrate the value of upselling your tools and services.

Minimize Churn

Provide consistent, strategic services that boost client happiness and trust.​

Scale up your vCISO Services

Managed service providers and consulting firms that currently offer vCISO services can easily scale up without increasing their internal resources by utilizing Cynomi's AI-powered, automated vCISO platform.

  • Turn Manual to Automated Automate today's labor-intensive, expertise-driven processes for developing remediation plans, establishing policies, and conducting risk and compliance assessments.
  • Increase Upsells Use Cynomi's conclusions and suggestions to support and illustrate the value of upselling your products and services.
  • Offer Visibility Give your clients access to Cynomi reports so they can see their security posture and compliance gaps in real time and see how far they've come.

Advantages of Cynomi

Provide vCISO Services at Scale

World's first AI-Powered, Automated vCISO Platform

Are you prepared to take advantage of the first automated vCISO platform in history?

Guided questionnaires, express scans

Cynomi automatically creates each client's cyber profile by customizing the pertinent scans and questionnaires.

  • Following a preliminary inquiry, Cynomi offers each customer pertinent, clear-cut, and graphical questionnaires.
  • To find serious vulnerabilities in IP addresses and URLs that are visible from the outside, such as ports, protocols, encryption, websites, etc., Cynomi runs express external scans.
  • Office 365, Active Directory (AD), and endpoint security configuration can all be scanned internally by Cynomi.

Tailored security policies

Cynomi automatically creates a customized set of NIST-based, easily complied with policies that are modified in accordance with your client's cyber profile, pertinent legal requirements, and industry standards.

    Among these policies are:

    Access | Awareness | Workstations | Servers | Domain and DNS | Email and Messages | Risk Management | Incident Response | Logging and Monitoring | Network | Remote Access | Office365 | Active Directory | Compliance and Auditing | Data Protection | HR | Password | SaaS | Physical Infrastructure | Website | Secure Software Development | Vulnerability Management | Workstations and Mobile

Remediation Plans with actionable, prioritized tasks

The exclusive AI algorithm of Cynomi generates remediation tasks, evaluates their relevance and impact, and produces a prioritized task list akin to that of a CISO. Every task is presented in an understandable and straightforward manner, making it simple to follow and carry out.​ Task types include configuration of security components, administrative technical controls and procedures, and much more.

Ongoing Task management and progress tracking

The Cynomi platform has features and tools for managing remediation tasks and monitoring progress over time, including:

  • Receive alerts, reminders, and notifications.
  • Dynamic assignment of priorities for crucial tasks
  • Assign various users to various tasks.
  • Milestones management.​
  • Sort tasks based on particular frameworks or compliance requirements.​

Vulnerabilities and exploits gap analysis

Cynomi identifies the vulnerabilities that every client faces and ranks the most straightforward corrective actions.​

Risk score for specific threat vectors

For each client's unique risks—such as ransomware, data leaks, fraud, and website defacement—Cynomi generates a cyber protection score that you can use to monitor and measure your client's exposure to. The risk score can also be used to modify the order of tasks.​

Real-time updates for continuous optimization

Constant optimization in response to shifting laws, the threat landscape, and internal modifications to the environment and procedures of the organization​

Customer-facing Reports

A suite of integrated customer-facing reports is part of Cynomi. This makes it possible for providers to give operations and management, as well as other customer stakeholders, branded, exportable status and progress reports in real time.

These reports provide easy-to-understand evidence of the progress you assisted them in making by displaying security level, improvement trends, compliance gaps, and comparisons with industry benchmarks.

Cynomi (FAQs)

Rest easy – your data is in safe hands!

A virtual Chief Information Security Officer is known as a vCISO. They are in charge of creating and carrying out the information security program for a company. Nonetheless, in contrast to a conventional CISO, a virtual CISO works part-time for the company. Rather, they serve numerous businesses with their services.

Because they lack the funds to hire a full-time CISO and security team, organizations must rely on virtual CISOs. At a lesser cost, vCISOs can offer enterprises the same degree of security as bigger ones.

There are many benefits to using a vCISO, including:

    Reduced costs: vCISOs can help organizations save money on cybersecurity costs.
  • Increased efficiency: vCISOs can help organizations improve their cybersecurity posture by automating many tasks.
  • Improved security: vCISOs can help organizations improve their security posture by providing them with the same level of security as larger organizations.
  • Scalability: vCISOs can be easily scaled to meet the needs of a growing business.

There are certain implied distinctions between vCISO, fractional CISO, and CISOaaS (CISO as a Service), even though they can be used interchangeably. While a vCISO often works entirely off-site, a fractional CISO is occasionally used to describe a third-party (i.e., non-payroll) CISO who spends time on-site. Instead of referring to a single person, CISOaaS can refer to an organization that offers third-party services.