DataResolve InDefend Data Loss Prevention

Be Secured against Insider Threats and Cyber Security Risks within your Organization
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Insider Threat Response System
  • Workplace Productivity

A unified suite for Insider Threat Management and Employee Behavioural Analysis

Protection Against Data Leaks

Get the most insights while safeguarding your private information from being accessed by your own staff.

Monitoring Worker Productivity

Monitor and improve productivity of your employees by keeping a track on work activities and work hours

Monitoring Employee Behavior

Get meaningful user data at your disposal to better understand the organizational behavior of your staff

Insider Threat Management

protect enterprise workforce that detects anomalous employee behaviour. as opposed to their regular behavioural patterns..

A Unique Set of Features perfected over the years

Our flagship business suite inDefend has unique set of features that something other products cannot match

  • Complete clarity on confidential data residing in the organization
  • Deploys across all kinds of devices like desktops, laptops, mobiles, cloud emails, printers.
  • One dashboard for all reports and analytics
  • Incident alerts on Email and SMS. Stay connected even while on the move
  • Activity tracking, employee monitoring and sensitive data protection combined in one single suite

inDefend for Optimum Business Benefits

Ensure faster business growth with an all round Cyberprotection solution

Expand services with Advanced Protection Packs, increase profitability

  • Prevent the Theft of Intellectual Property safeguard patient health records
  • Safeguard personally identifiable data, such as PAN, Aadhar, and Social Security numbers
  • Safeguard the details on credit and debit cards
  • Safeguard information about impending mergers and acquisitions
  • Safeguard planning and strategy information.
  • Keep information about new product introductions private
  • Safeguard delicate design schematics
  • Preserve advance and sneak peek copies of forthcoming films
  • Make sure that private discount and promo codes are not used improperly

  • Prevent rivals from obtaining confidential internal product informationq
  • Find undercover personnel employed by rival companies
  • Monitor individuals engaged in illicit labor under contracts with third parties
  • Prevent leakers from undermining the organization's credibility
  • Pay attention to those who collaborate with you on projects as suppliers, distributors, and contractors
  • Find significant cybercriminals who are utilizing the company as a local front for international operations
  • Identify those who constitute a severe military threat and are masked as terrorists or anti-national criminals within the organization
  • Look for antisocial employees that represent a significant social risk within the company

  • Avoid having your designs, innovations, and plans stolen
  • Disable the automatic sending of all design files based on content detection
  • Find evidence of intellectual property that the company may be hiding
  • Track who has access to what kinds of private data by looking for traces of the same information
  • Prevent the leakage of legitimate research materials and exam papers
  • Prevent the leakage of private corporate plans and go-to-market strategies
    • Preserve trade secrets, trade dress, patents, industrial design rights, and trademarks

  • Locate the business information you need when an employee is not around
  • Quietly ascertain whether a worker is headed in the correct direction
  • Recognize whether the worker is handling sensitive information and assess how cautiously or irresponsibly they are handling it
  • Avoid using company property and IT infrastructure for personal use, which could have significant negative effects on operations and finances if done on a bigger scale
  • Locate the business information you need when an employee is not around
  • Quietly ascertain whether a worker is headed in the correct direction
  • Look for instances where staff policies are broken, such as when rude, disrespectful, or racially insensitive emails or chats are sent.
  • Look for violations of recognized offenses such as child abuse, terrorism, racism, and pornography
  • Determine an employee's psychological stability and how it affects the other team members
  • Examine claims of sexual harassment by gathering concrete proof
  • Verify the unlawful or illicit installation of software that is dangerous or pirated

  • Determine the resources and methods your staff are using to work, then take proactive measures to adapt
  • Determine the employees' most and least productive times of the day
  • Recognize the employees that are working too much and too little
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on social media, watching sports, watching online videos, and other distractions to improve team attention overall
  • Minimize peer distractions brought on by uninvited activities in a team
  • Improved understanding for assessing worker performance
  • Identify everyday instances of goldbricking or cyberslacking among your staff, as well as variances between departments

  • Identify issues with attitude
  • Determine when an employee is most and least productive during the course of a day. 3 Recognize which employees are working too much or too little. 4 Spot misleading propaganda and information that has been weaponized directly at the source.
  • Recognize online harassment
  • Examine potential causes of the abrupt performance decline
  • Gain greater understanding of how employee behavior has changed following yearly evaluations
  • Learn about the integrity of employees by seeing how they handle company information
  • Determine the reasons why employee performance changed as a result of outside problems
  • Pay attention to how your client-facing staff members truly communicate with your high-priced clientele
  • Look for signs that workers are disclosing or sending private company information to close relatives or family members
  • Look for signs that any worker is indulging

  • Better for the board of directors to monitor certain C-suite executives and CEOs within a group of companies
  • quietly monitor the actions of those in positions of authority within the organization, particularly newly appointed senior executives
  • Determine which CXO will be leaving in the coming months
  • Track out a departing CXO who is paying to divulge private company secrets to rivals in a covert manner
  • Track out a departing CXO who is paying to divulge private company secrets to rivals in a covert manner
  • Provide further information to the board of directors regarding what is being persuaded at board meetings and what the actual situation is
  • useful for monitoring CXOs in offshore locations and offices and their real-time activity

  • Observe high-risk employees' activities carefully while they're on notice
  • Limit the amount of sensitive information that departing workers can send out of the organization by using effective access control measures
  • During the leaving phase, note a drop in output and hours worked
  • Increase the likelihood that you will learn whether a departing employee is also unhappy, as this could cause harm to the company
  • Include mobile devices and handhelds that the departing employees are using in the security and monitoring layer in addition to desktops and laptops
  • When there are mass layoffs, monitor personnel more closely, as a team, or collectively to protect corporate secrecy
  • Protect your business against the retaliation of fired employees who turn into vengeful individuals

DataResolve InDefend Data Loss Prevention(FAQs)

Unified End-Point Monitoring Platform

Data Leakage Protection (DLP) is a comprehensive security solution designed to prevent sensitive data from being leaked or accessed by unauthorized individuals, both within and outside an organization. It encompasses a combination of tools, processes, and policies that work together to identify, monitor, and control the movement of sensitive data across all endpoints, applications, and networks

By implementing a robust DLP solution, organizations can gain maximum insights into their data while protecting it from unauthorized access. This not only enhances data security and compliance but also fosters a culture of data awareness and responsibility within the organization. Ultimately, Data Leakage Protection plays a crucial role in safeguarding valuable information and ensuring the success of any data-driven enterprise

EPM is a technology-based solution that helps organizations track and analyze employee work activity and hours. This data can be used to gain insights into individual and team performance, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately boost overall productivity

Employee Behaviour Monitoring (EBM) utilizes technology to gather and analyze data on how employees interact with their work environment. This data goes beyond time spent working, encompassing computer activity, communication patterns, location tracking, and even network usage. By understanding these data points, organizations gain valuable insights into:

  • Productivity: How efficiently employees utilize their time on work-related tasks
  • Engagement: Measuring employee motivation and investment in their work
  • Collaboration: Identifying areas for improvement in communication and teamwork
  • Compliance: Ensuring adherence to company policies and procedures
  • Potential Risks: Proactively identifying signs of burnout, dissatisfaction, or security threats