Protect your cloud and virtual environments from cyberthreats with Bitdefender security solutions.

About Bitdefender

Bitdefender is well-versed in keeping up with the rapid rate of development in the online security industry. In 2011, when the company was about to launch its corporate product GravityZone, it wanted to free its team from the constraints of physical hardware so they could concentrate on innovation. Bitdefender desired to eliminate ma nual procedures and boost automation to facilitate the rapid scaling required by Bitdefender and our clients. With a global customer base to consider, the company required a highly available cloud service in order to supply security services internationally without interruption.

The Challenge

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is used by Bitdefender, which presently operates several hundred instances that manage approximately five terabytes of data. Instances of Elastic Load Balancing are utilised to transport application traffic across various Availability Zones for streamlined global service delivery. AWS Identity and Access Manager (IAM) enables Bitdefender to manage user access to AWS by enabling the setting of permissions for various accounts. Amazon CloudWatch offers tools for closely monitoring the assets within an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

The Benefits

Bitdefender has greater instruments for innovation by utilising AWS. With 500 million users, a number that is expanding daily, Bitdefender must ensure that it can simply acquire new clients. Having constructed and operated conventional physical infrastructures, the company realised it would be challenging to scale fast and affordably in this environment. But with AWS, the provisioning of resources is nearly instantaneous. Similarly, high availability is essential to providing enterprise customers with reliable services. Bitdefender has provided an online security platform with near-zero downtime for the past five years. With AWS as a component of their business, they can easily achieve the service level agreements.

The Solution

People select Bitdefender due to the performance of the solutions and the delivery flexibility, and AWS is a component of this.

Some of the best solutions Bitdefender offers include:

Safe from all new and existing threats
Anti-Phishing protection
Safe online banking
Fast, anonymous and secure while surfing the web
Game, movie and work modes