Partner Support

With Dataguardnxt we assure round-the-clock support to customers for any queries. We aim to provide a service escalation path and one-stop systematic support for partner customers. This will solve problems that partner customers and their sub-customers encounter when using our resources and increase partner customersโ€™ resale capabilities.

Optimise your spending and gain more flexibility
Specialists available anytime you need them
Support 24/7 adjusted to your needs

Get support from our experts.

Our service and support teams are always on hand to ensure you have everything in place to make your partnership with DataguardNXT a success and help drive the profitability of your engagements.

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Managed services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining and anticipating the demand for a variety of processes and functions, ostensibly to improve operations and minimise budgetary expenditures through the elimination of directly employed staff.

Adopting managed services is designed to be an efficient approach to stay current on technology, gain access to talents, and handle cost, quality of service, and risk issues. As more SMB and large organizationsโ€™ IT infrastructure components migrate to the cloud, and MSPs (managed services providers) increasingly face the problem of cloud computing, a number of MSPs are providing in-house cloud services or serving as brokers with cloud services providers.

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A "white label" product or service is one that is manufactured by one company but sold by another. The latter company purchases white label items and services without branding. As a result, the reseller can brand, trademark, and identity the goods, allowing customers to associate the product with the reseller. Meanwhile, the producer can concentrate on developing cost-effective ways to build the product without regard for its marketing.

It is quick and simple to brand. If you're attempting to figure out how to add new features to your business, white label solutions can help. White label solutions are typically completely integrated and ready-to-use, making branding a breeze. As the reseller, you won't have to worry about spending time and money on research and development. You may then add your own branding and identity and go back to work.

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Marketing Support includes the costs of showroom displays as well as all other branded marketing and promotional materials designed and developed by or for the Licensee to promote the distribution and sale of Licensed Products to the trade.

Marketing is important for your organisation because it raises customer awareness of your products or services, engages them, and assists them in making a purchasing choice. A marketing plan, as part of your business plan, also aids in the creation and maintenance of demand, relevance, reputation, competition, and so on.