Network Operations Centre (NOC)

DataguardNXT’s NOC plays a crucial role in telecommunications and satellite network systems. They are monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It serves as the initial line of protection against network outages and malfunctions. Your system is safe with DataguardNXT.

Building your network and putting time on your side
AI's powerful analytics and machine learning skills let a NOC become proactive.
Network Automation is an AI-powered automation platform that helps CSPs modernise 5G and edge computing services.

Telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, and the energy sector all work around the clock and require consistent connectivity. Continuous network monitoring is required to maintain this modern condition of 24-7 worldwide operations. This can make managing network services within typical IT services difficult.
The NOC manages network systems such as data storage, software updates, and connectivity.
A NOC will undertake the following activities and operations:

- Updating, troubleshooting, and installing software on network-connected systems
- IT infrastructure and equipment management
- Backing up data and maintaining its network accessibility
- Providing antiviral assistance
- Firewall and network security software monitoring
- Patch administration