Automation of advanced monitoring with Acronis Cyber Cloud

Anju Thomas May 5, 2023

The time and effort spent on customer provisioning can be reduced and standardised with automated provisioning. The next stage is to provide automated protection management and monitoring to reduce client occurrences of problems. The Acronis Cyber Platform Application Programming Interface (API) has everything you need to create a complex monitoring infrastructure. There could be obstacles in the way of your successful implementation, though.

The following monitoring processing entities are available through the Acronis Cyber Platform API:

  • Tasks
  • Activities
  • Alerts

Actions that need to be taken by Acronis Cyber Protection on a client or in the cloud at a certain time or in response to an occurrence are referred to as tasks.

An activity is any step taken by a user on their way to accomplishing a specific objective.

Examples: backing up, recovery, exporting a backup, cataloging a vault.

It's possible for an action to be started either by the user or by the programme. One or more actions are always triggered by the completion of a job. An activity is any sustained effort directed towards achieving a specific and measurable objective.

Acronis Cyber Protection's alerts come in a variety of forms and can range in intensity from a gentle warning to an immediate shutdown.

Having access to data on all of these parties paints a comprehensive picture of what goes on with secure gadgets. So, let's take a look at how we can lay the groundwork for a basic weekly dashboard that includes a drill-down option.

In broad strokes, you may say that anything from one to many activities are started in order to complete a task, and that some actions can trigger warnings. Some alerts, however, come from Acronis Cyber Cloud features rather than actions.

The most obvious approach to constructing a monitoring and problem prevention system is to collect filtered signals and analyse them mentally. While this may be helpful, it may not be enough to cover all customer-facing issues in your area, or it may be too late by the time alerts are raised. When this occurs, it may be necessary to enhance monitoring and analytics with the ability to track protection or application status.

Acronis Cyber Cloud's automation of advanced monitoring is a powerful tool for organizations looking to improve their cyber protection capabilities. By providing proactive monitoring, threat detection, and incident response capabilities, the platform can help organizations stay ahead of potential cyber threats and protect their critical data and systems.

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