Empowering IT Resellers: The Bitdefender MSP Advantage

Arshard Ismail Feb 12, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, staying ahead of evolving threats is not just crucial but a prerequisite for success. For IT resellers looking to elevate their cybersecurity game, Bitdefender MSP emerges as the game-changer. Let's dive into the powerful suite of benefits and cutting-edge solutions that make Bitdefender MSP the go-to choice for those aiming for cybersecurity excellence.

Unified Defense Against Advanced Threats

Bitdefender MSP offers a unified, highly effective cloud cybersecurity solution tailored for managed service providers. Advanced Threat Defense, multi-layer ransomware protection, real-time defense mechanisms, and vulnerability assessment are just a glimpse of what Bitdefender brings to the table.

Why Become a Bitdefender MSP?

The advantages are numerous. By joining the Bitdefender MSP community, resellers unlock a comprehensive set of hardening, prevention, and detection layers. Machine learning and behavioral technologies perfected over a decade, fueled by data from over 500 million devices, set Bitdefender apart. In real-world security tests, Bitdefender consistently outperforms the competition, preventing most attacks before they escalate into breaches.

Key Features and Benefits
How does VAPT work?
  • Endpoint Risk Analytics: Gain ongoing visibility into clients' security posture with risk scores based on browser security, network and credential settings, operating system security, and application vulnerabilities.
  • Advanced Threat Security (ATS): Automated prevention of advanced threats is critical in reducing the need for manual incident investigation. Bitdefender's ATS add-on solution is designed to find and block elusive attacks before they can execute and cause harm.
  • EDR and Attack Visualization: Endpoint detection and response, along with attack forensics and visualization, are becoming essential components of multilayer security. Activating Bitdefender's EDR add-on solution allows detection and prevention of potential attacks sooner, enhancing overall security posture and supporting compliance.
Streamlining Activities for Enhanced Profitability

Bitdefender MSP provides resellers with a single MSP GravityZone console that seamlessly integrates with Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools. This not only strengthens security measures but also streamlines activities, leading to increased profitability for managed service providers.

In a world where cybersecurity threats are ever-evolving, Bitdefender MSP stands out as a comprehensive and effective solution for IT resellers. By embracing advanced technologies, unified strategies, and a commitment to outperforming competitors, Bitdefender ensures that most attacks are halted before they become breaches. Empower your business, streamline activities, and boost profitability by becoming a Bitdefender MSP - the key to unlocking cybersecurity excellence.