Bitdefender Gravityzone vs ESET Protect Advanced Cloud

Razeen Ahaba Jul 12, 2023

Bitdefender Security Layers

Complete Antimalware and Antivirus

Bitdefender provides an advanced combination of Antivirus/Antimalware so you only need one security solution, mitigating security breaches, simplifying deployments and reducing expenses.

Continuous Process Monitoring

Bitdefender Process Inspector continuously monitors running process for signs of malicious behavior and can detect and block attacks and malware that eluded other security layers.

Advanced Anti-Exploit

Anti-Exploit provides on-execution protection against exploit attempts targeting known and unknown vulnerabilities in commonly used applications, such as browser, Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader, as well as against specific, kernel-mode post-exploitation attempts.

Risk Management

Enables a recurrent risk scanning on target endpoints. This means you can schedule scanning for security risks, such as Automatic Updates or User Access Control settings.

Content Control

URL blocking by category, scheduled or using a configurable block/allow exclusions table.

Device Control

Threats are often introduced into the company via removable devices. Bitdefender device control allows you to choose which devices and device types will be allowed to run and which will be blocked or scanned automatically.

Firewall with IDS

Endpoints are protected with fully featured two-way firewall with Intrusion Detection, critical for protecting remote devices

Web Filtering and Search Advisor

Bitdefender displays search ratings signaling trusted and untrusted pages. It blocks phishing or malicious websites and scans HTTP(S) traffic to detect threats

Advanced Threat Security

Bitdefender Advanced Threat Security includes tunable machine learning and cloud sandbox allowing users to deliver threat hunting services for customers that are highly sensitive to data breaches. These advanced security layers provide protection against fileless attacks, script-based attacks, custom malware, targeted attacks, potentially unwanted applications, advanced ransomware while delivering threat context and visibility.

ESET Protect Advanced Security Layers

Centralized Management Console

Remote management available as cloud-based or on-premises deployment.

Endpoint Protection

Advanced multilayered protection for computers and virtual machines.

Fileserver Security

Real-time protection for your company’s data passing through all general servers.

Full Disk Encryption

Robust encryption solution for system disks, partitions or entire devices to achieve legal compliance.

Cloud Sandbox

Proactive protection against zero-day threats that analyses suspicious samples in an isolated cloud sandbox environment.

Bitdefender Highlights over ESET

Consistently ranks #1 in detecting advanced attacks Extra security layers to reduce the attack surface: Risk Analytics, Exploit Defense, Process Inspector – included FREE

Bitdefender Risk Analytics simplifies and automates mitigation of vulnerable system configurations. Bitdefender consistently ranks ahead in detecting advanced attacks. It's advanced security layers are more competitively priced and managed using the same console and agent.

Bitdefender uses a simple yet powerful cloud console, more RMM integrations and optimized security for virtual and cloud workloads.