DataguardNXT: Advanced Vulnerability Management for the Banking and Financial Sector

Adam Jhon May 27, 2024

Cyberattacks are a major threat to financial institutions, costing banks an average of $18.3 million per attack. In today's world, where data is more valuable than ever, protecting customer information is critical. Financial institutions have a responsibility to safeguard billions of dollars and the financial well-being of millions of people.

The Need for Robust Cybersecurity

The G20 has warned that cyberattacks could undermine financial stability. According to the Boston Consulting Group, financial firms are 300 times more likely to experience cyberattacks than other institutions. To protect themselves, banks must implement effective IT security measures.

Impact of Cyberattacks on Banks

  • Monetary Loss : Cyberattacks can damage systems and steal financial resources, leading to significant losses.
  • Loss of Trust and Reputation: Data breaches can erode customer trust and damage a bank's reputation.
  • Facility Disruption: Cyberattacks can take down network systems, disrupting banking operations and halting transactions.
  • Loss of Confidentiality: Utilize Acronis' extensive network of global data centers to ensure compliance with regional data sovereignty laws, providing peace of mind and regulatory adherence.
  • Hefty Regulatory Fines:PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) mandates a variety of security controls for organizations that handle financial transactions. Non-compliance with PCI can result in hefty fines.

DataguardNXT: Continuous, Automated Vulnerability Management

DataguardNXT offers a continuous, automated, and advanced vulnerability management solution to help banks and financial organizations prevent cyberattacks and achieve continuous security risk and compliance. Our solution provides IT security teams with complete visibility and control over their attack surface, enabling them to go beyond traditional vulnerability management practices.

Benefits of DataguardNXT

  • Achieve and Maintain PCI Compliance: DataguardNXT helps you identify and harden non-compliant devices to achieve and maintain PCI compliance. You can run real-time compliance scans, fix deviations and misconfigurations, and generate audit-ready reports.
  • Automate Vulnerability Management: Save time and effort by automating tasks such as scanning and deployment. DataguardNXT makes vulnerability management a hands-free process.
  • Gain Continuous Visibility: Continuously scan your IT assets to gain complete visibility over your computing environment. Monitor your infrastructure, control hardware and software inventory, and detect malicious IT assets.
  • Reduce Risk with Real-time Threat Detection: DataguardNXT continuously detects and assesses vulnerabilities and security risks in real-time using the industry's fastest vulnerability scans and a comprehensive security intelligence library.
  • Remediate Risks and Eliminate Attack Surface: Remediate vulnerabilities on time with integrated patching for major operating systems and third-party applications. DataguardNXT goes beyond patching to offer additional remediation controls such as monitoring endpoint security metrics, managing system health, and applying security controls.