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Veriato RansomSafe

Don’t be held hostage. Get RansomSafe.

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Veriato RansomSafe™ acts as a vital layer in your ransomware defense, combining just-in-time data protection with multiple mechanisms to detect, and shut down attacks before they hold your business hostage.


When employees work from home, they must use unsecure methods to access company resources. There is already a high risk due to the use of PCs and mobile devices connected to unsecured networks. If you want to rest easy knowing that only authorised personnel are accessing sensitive information, an employee monitoring system may be the way to go.

Improve Productivity

These days, it's more challenging for managers to maintain tabs on their employees due to the prevalence of "work from anywhere" policies. When working remotely, it's considerably more challenging to identify unproductive team members. Regardless of your staff's location, increasing efficiency is possible with the help of employee monitoring software.

Stay Compliant

Companies in several sectors, including the medical, legal, and financial spheres, face difficult corporate and regulatory compliance obligations and audits. With features like real-time alerts, personalised reports, and dashboards, employee monitoring software simplifies compliance and auditing.

Fail-safe Backups

RansomSafe™ backs up your files before they are changed, making a pristine copy of the latest version of your files.

Rapid Recovery

Once the attack is disrupted, recover in minutes with just a few clicks. No extensive, and expensive, downtime.

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