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Data Security Starts with Data Classification.

Classification of Data increases Effectiveness of Data Security.

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Why Data Classification?

Data Classification is one of the most crucial components for implementing information security within an organisation. Identifying and classifying data is a fundamental requirement of data security, regardless of whether the organisation is in the private, public, or government sector. This enables organisations to select and deploy appropriate security controls based on data sensitivity, thereby increasing the effectiveness of their data security strategy.

Data Classification Simplified

Klassify is a Dynamic Data Classification Platform that enables organisations to discover, classify, and secure their business-critical data and ensure consistent and proper data handling by involving end users and increasing data sensitivity awareness, thereby reducing risk.

Klassify requires users to identify the sensitivity of documents and communications by applying classification labels and protective markings. As users interact with the information, visual classification labels prompt them to handle it according to their organization's information security policies.

Why Klassify?

  • Control flow of Information
  • Protect Intellectual Property
  • Increase Awareness on Data Security
  • Make Data Retention Policies More Effective
  • Enhance Security
  • Improve Effectiveness of DLP, RMS, Archival, Encryption
  • Involve the End User
  • Reduces Breaches
  • Increase Compliance
Reasons to implement a robust data classification program:
  • Enhance understanding of data sensitivity and data security
  • Reduce accidental data disclosure risks and data storage expenses
  • Reduce ownership and management costs for data

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