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Cynomi: The ideal platform for service providers

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AI-Powered, Automated vCISO Platform

MSSPs, MSPs, and consulting firms utilise Cynomi's AI-powered, automated vCISO platform to continuously assess client cybersecurity posture, construct strategic remediation plans, and execute them to reduce risk.

Risk and compliance assessments, gap analysis, tailored policies, strategic remediation plans with prioritised tasks, tools for ongoing task management, progress tracking, and customer-facing reports are automatically generated by Cynomi's multitenant platform.

The ideal platform for service providers

Cynomi enables you to easily create and manage accounts for each of your clients, grant each client access to his account, and create an unlimited number of users with specific permissions for your own team.

Increasingly, SMBs and SMEs require proactive cyber resilience - ongoing vCISO services to assess their security posture, improve compliance preparedness, and reduce cyber risk. However, managed service providers and consulting firms lack the resources and expertise necessary to provide virtual CISO services.

Stand Out and Scale Up with the World’s First AI-driven vCISO Platform

Cynomi enables its partners to offer scalable continuous vCISO services without having to scale their own resources. With Cynomi's AI-powered platform, which is based on the knowledge of the world's top CISOs, you receive automated risk and compliance assessments, auto-generated tailored policies, and actionable remediation plans with prioritised detailed tasks, task management tools, progress tracking, and customer-facing reports.

How Does it Work?

Automated Cyber Profile

After an initial discovery questionnaire, Cynomi automatically generates self-guided, easy-to-follow questionnaires and express scans for each of your clients in order to generate a unique cyber profile for each.

AI-driven Assessment

Cynomi's engine continuously compares the cyber profile of each client to pertinent external resources, such as:

  • The NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • ISO 27001, CIS v8 frameworks and other standards
  • Industry benchmarks
  • External industry-based threat intelligence

vCISO Operations Dashboard

The dashboard for Cynomi's real-time cybersecurity posture includes a gap analysis, compliance status, tailored and easy-to-follow policies, client-facing reports, and a customised remediation plan with prioritised, actionable tasks and the means to manage their ongoing execution.

What's Your Challenge?

Scale up your vCISO Services

Set up new vCISO services

Provide Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Provide Compliance Assessments

Get Started

Ready to leverage the power of the world's first AI-powered, automated vCISO platform?

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