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The Nation Thwarts 50,000 Cyberattacks Daily

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The Nation Thwarts 50,000 Cyberattacks Daily

UAE Cybersecurity Council issues a national alert

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According to recent reports on, the UAE Cybersecurity Council has issued a warning to all industries to be on the lookout for potential cyberattacks on the country's digital infrastructure and assets.

In order to proactively avoid any malicious attacks, the Council has mandated that public and commercial enterprises activate the cyber emergency response system in coordination with the relevant authorities to share data.

The Council emphasized the necessity of activating protection systems and cyber security policies, as well as boosting the awareness of authorities about any suspicious electronic actions that may harm their systems, in order to counteract the numerous cyber-attacks by critical sectors.

The United Arab Emirates is actively implementing international best practices for secure digital transformation and the safeguarding of the country's digital infrastructure and cyberspace. According to the country's chief of cybersecurity, the country thwarts 50,000 cyberattacks daily.

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Government Cyber Security Chief Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti has stated that the United Arab Emirates Cyber Security Council works with its allies to thwart the more than 50,000 daily assaults against the country's most vital industries.

During this week's Oracle CloudWorld Tour Abu Dhabi 2023, Al Kuwaiti made a statement in which he said that the banking, financial, health, and oil and gas sectors are the most targeted by cybercriminals but that all attacks are countered proactively and efficiently.


May 9, 2023