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Why Acronis has upperhand over it's competitors

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Why Acronis has upperhand over it's competitors

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Considering Acronis substitutes? Find out more about commercial backup and recovery software solutions. Users of Acronis took into account when making their purchasing choice. Potential customers assess competencies in areas including evaluation and contracting, integration and implementation, service and support, and specific product capabilities when comparing various solutions.

Find out how Acronis stacks up against the competition by reading authentic customer reviews that have been validated by Gartner.


According to Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Backup and Recovery Systems, Veeam is in the top. Then why acronis?

Veeam does not currently provide the benefits that MSPs require. Remote work necessitates integrated data and proactive threat protection across endpoints, plus ransomware, and MSPs must begin offering managed security services. Veeam's insufficient ransomware protection leaves a client's business vulnerable. In a singular solution, providing backup and recovery as well as managed security services increases MSPs' revenue opportunities and profitability.

V11 improved CDP and ransomware, but not anti-malware. Veeam ransomware has no third-party tests. Veeam will not offer integrated, proactive anti-malware and ransomware protection like Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

Veeam is significantly more popular among MSPs than Acronis, and its solutions are utilised by companies of all sizes, including the biggest ones. The all-in-one data protection and cybersecurity platform Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, on the other hand, was developed for MSPs, increasing their potential to provide services.


While RMM is crucial, and N-able is RMM-focused, offering data and threat protection services is the most important service for an MSP to offer in order to future-proof their business. The only natively integrated data protection and cybersecurity solution is Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, which was created specifically for MSPs to enable them sell more sophisticated services.

Ransomware is a part of integrated cybersecurity, which goes beyond N-able and includes backup and recovery. Both email security and EDR are supported by Acronis.

With a single platform, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud will provide you with more lucrative service opportunities and larger economies of scale. There is price flexibility with Acronis, so you may provide your clients with additional and improved services as needed.


Acronis is well-known for backup and recovery, and Webroot is a tried-and-true cybersecurity solution.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud has performed well in a selection of recent tests, placing in the top 3 of independent security tests such as NioGuard, where our solution was acknowledged as the only supplier with 80% or higher self-protection performance.

Although Webroot does provide DNS security, it falls short of being a complete solution at the point where it matters the most—the data level. Webroot is vulnerable due to file-based backup, a lack of proactive data and threat security, and cloud-based threat intelligence. There is email security accessible. The Cyber Protection Operation Center at Acronis has received investment, and also offer security awareness training.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint provides endpoint security, but is deficient in essential MSP-related aspects that guarantee corporate scalability and make essential service providers' functionalities possible. Service providers and their clients have access to Microsoft Defender for Endpoints' constrained proactive and reactive protection features, which fall short of providing complete endpoint protection.

While the robust Acronis Cyber Cloud platform, created especially for service providers, includes Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. Partners can offer a full cyber protection solution with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud that combines backup, antimalware, cybersecurity, and endpoint management all through a single agent. With the help of its multi-layered antimalware technology, it can decrease the need for recovery while delivering unique capabilities, greater performance, compatibility, and the quickest recovery times.

When malware attacks, both service providers and their customers run the risk of backups being deleted and data being lost. Since Microsoft Endpoint Security lacks any data protection features, it cannot assist in the recovery of lost data. Assuming you have backups, you must restore the data from them, which necessitates identifying the damaged data and then restoring it. This process lengthens system downtime and exposes you to the danger of data loss.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud's integration of antimalware and backup saves you time and effort since you have the tools necessary to completely avoid cyberthreats and recover fast and easily from any data loss incident. It has a strong safe recovery function built in so you can stop harmful infections from happening again without having to do anything. The solution provides integrated antimalware backup scans during the recovery process, sets up the most recent security patches, and updates antivirus databases.


Apr 7, 2023