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vCISO, the ideal Platform for Service Providers

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vCISO, the ideal Platform for Service Providers

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Risk and compliance assessments, gap analysis, custom policies, strategic remediation plans with prioritised tasks, tools for ongoing task management, progress tracking, and customer-facing reports are all automatically generated by Cynomi's multitenant platform, making it possible to offer vCISO services at scale.

With Cynomi, you can quickly and easily set up and manage client accounts, grant each client access to his own account, and set up an unlimited number of users on your own team with granular rights.

The Distinctive Features of the Cynomi Platform:

Understanding The Impact

Cynomi helps you prioritise tasks and reveals the impact of each, which enables you to make more informed decisions about where you and each customer should invest resources in order to get the best possible results.

Obtain Total Visibility

With Cynomi, you and your clients can always see where they stand in terms of cybersecurity and compliance, as well as the level of risk they face.

Prove Worth Over Time

With Cynomi, you can monitor your client's security and risk status throughout time, proving your worth as you go.

Manage Cyber Reputation

Contrary to one-time risk assessments, which produce snapshots of the client's security posture and risk, Cynomi continuously and in real time evaluates your client's security posture, risk level, and readiness for compliance. It also updates the policies, remediation plan, and task criticality based on updates and changes in the client environment, industry standards, and threat landscape.

Focus On Execution

In order to reduce your reliance on in-house security expertise, Cynomi automates and speeds up the tedious vCISO process of conducting risk and compliance assessments and generating strategic remediation plans with prioritised activities. This allows you to concentrate solely on their ongoing implementation.

Uphold Compliance

In order to achieve and maintain compliance, Cynomi performs automated compliance readiness evaluations for each customer. The company then develops an actionable plan with a prioritised task list and tracks progress.

Cynomi enables you to easily create and manage accounts for each of your clients, grant each client access to his account, and create an unlimited number of users with specific permissions for your own team.


May 23, 2023