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How Bitdefender's AI-powered antivirus protects your device

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How Bitdefender's AI-powered antivirus protects your device

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Bitdefender is resilient in a hyperconnected environment where cyber attackers aim to cause harm 24x7 and enterprises confront unanticipated dangers.

Researchers and developers use artificial intelligence, deep learning, and anomaly-based detection to ensure the accuracy of cyber defences that are the foundation of our threat intelligence.

Bitdefender's AI-powered antivirus works by utilizing machine learning algorithms to detect and block potential threats on your device. Here are some ways that Bitdefender's AI-powered antivirus protects your device:

1.Behavioral analysis: Bitdefender's AI-powered antivirus monitors the behavior of running applications and processes on your device. If it detects any suspicious activity, it will block the process and quarantine the file.

2.Real-time scanning: The antivirus software scans your device in real-time, checking every file and application for malware or other malicious content. If it finds a threat, it will take action to remove it.

3.Threat intelligence: Bitdefender's AI-powered antivirus utilizes threat intelligence data to keep track of the latest malware and other threats. This information is constantly updated to ensure that the software is always equipped to handle the latest threats.

4.Machine learning algorithms: The antivirus software uses machine learning algorithms to improve its threat detection capabilities over time. As it analyzes more data, it becomes better at identifying and blocking potential threats.

Overall, Bitdefender's AI-powered antivirus provides robust protection against a wide range of threats. By utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms and threat intelligence data, it is able to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and keep your device safe from harm.


Mar 31, 2023