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Email Security: modusCloud Vs Mimecast

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Email Security: modusCloud Vs Mimecast

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Both ModusCloud and Mimecast are popular email security solutions that provide protection against various email-based threats such as phishing, malware, and spam. Both solutions offer features like email filtering, data loss prevention, and email continuity.

ModusCloud is a cloud-based email security solution that uses advanced threat intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect and block email-based threats. It offers a wide range of features such as spam filtering, email encryption, URL and attachment protection, and email archiving.

Mimecast, on the other hand, is also a cloud-based email security solution that provides advanced threat protection, email filtering, and email archiving features. Mimecast also offers features like email continuity, data leak prevention, and URL protection.

Displacement Opportunity (How Vircom Differs):

MSPs: Mimecast imposes a $1200 minimum for any customer, pricing out smaller customer deals for local MSPs.

URL Defense: Mimecast’s feature requires registration across ALL devices, a particular client pain point and difficult to enforce with BYOD.

What makes Vircom different

Comparable 3rd Party Focus: A standalone security vendor that emphasizes an aggressive product roadmap to provide better protection and value than most mainstream vendors, Microsoft and others.

Customer Support: Vircom’s dedicated support team offers access to experience for customers seeking quick resolution to complex problems.

Partner-focused: Vircom offers a unique set of Partner benefits with outstanding pricing and enablement chief among them, giving MSPs a better chance to sell and profit from security.

When it comes to choosing between ModusCloud and Mimecast, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, it's important to evaluate your organization's specific email security needs and the level of protection you require. You may want to look at the features offered by each solution and compare them to your requirements.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose modusCloud:

• Protection against Advanced Threats • Preventing Fraud and Business Email Compromise • 30-day Email Continuity • Secure Email Communication/ Email Encryption • Social Media Patrol

Secondly, pricing is an important consideration. Both solutions offer different pricing plans, so it's essential to evaluate which plan fits your budget and meets your email security needs.

Lastly, you may want to consider user-friendliness and ease of implementation. Both solutions have a user-friendly interface and offer easy implementation, but you may want to evaluate which solution is easier to manage and integrate into your existing email infrastructure.

Why is modusCloud so Effective?

- Advanced Threat Protection

Industry leading protection against targeted attacks, ransomware, malicious attachments, malicious websites and other unwanted mail.

- Business Fraud via Impostor Email

Tricks people into sending money or sensitive data. modusCloud provides dynamic classification by looking at domain and sender/recipient reputation, also applying algorithmic analysis to protect against this type of attack.

- Email Continuity (30 days)

Protect from impact of email outages. Users who resort to personal email can result in security/compliance risk.

- Secure Email Communications

Vircom services filter outbound email for sensitive material and refuse or encrypt communications to protect sensitive data like credit card numbers and social security numbers. modusCloud email security automatically blocks/alerts/encrypts sensitive data.

- Social Media Patrol

Protection against bad actors targeting your social media presence.

In conclusion, both ModusCloud and Mimecast are reputable email security solutions that provide advanced protection against email-based threats. The right choice for your organization depends on your specific email security needs, budget, and ease of implementation.

As a vendor partner, DataguardNXT's primary focus is on providing Vircom modusCloud customers with improved email security solutions. With modusCloud, we provide the most effective answer for your company's needs.


Apr 20, 2023