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Bitdefender XDR and MDR for MSPs

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Bitdefender XDR and MDR for MSPs

DATAGUARDNXT launches Bitdefender MDR and XDR services

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In partnership with Bitdefender, DataguardNXT, the region's fastest-growing top IT service provider, has introduced brand-new MDR and XDR offerings. Bitdefender MDR, short for "Managed Detection and Response," is a service provided by the company that aims to protect computers from cyber threats. The goal of MDR is to provide enterprises with a system that can monitor and detect risks around the clock and a strategy to promptly eliminate them.

The importance of cyber security to the overall health of a company cannot be overstated. Many MSPs are struggling due to the following issues: licensing constraints; manual billing that adds hours of extra work for your staff; slow or unresponsive assistance; and increasingly complex technological environments and attacks.

MDR Foundations for MSPs assists you in providing proactive security for your clients and swiftly and efficiently reducing the effects of attacks with:

• Quick incident and breach reaction that aids a client in any circumstances

• Automated onboarding for customers and bulk onboarding for MSPs

• Professional services as an option to speed up onboarding

• Continuous communication via email notifications via the MDR Portal

Using Bitdefender MDR, a company has access to a team of cybersecurity professionals who are constantly on the lookout for and analyzing potential threats. The programme employs cutting-edge tools like machine learning and behavioral analytics to stop attacks before they may do damage.

Bitdefender MDR does more than just detect and respond to threats; it also conducts proactive security checks including vulnerability and penetration testing and evaluations of your organization's security posture.

Partnering with a top MDR service provider like DataguardNXT with tools, triage procedures, and a qualified security team trained to recognize and eliminate attackers will help you achieve better overall security outcomes. Help your customers close their security gaps and free your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

While Advanced threat detection, investigation, and reaction are all features of Bitdefender XDR (Extended Detection and response), a cloud-based security system. Endpoint protection, network security, and cloud security are just a few of the security technologies that are integrated into a single platform to build this all-encompassing solution.

In the organization's environment, including physical and linked devices, virtual and cloud platforms, and their hosted workloads, Gravity Zone XDR natively monitors and identifies assaults.

By connecting events and incidents over time, the Gravity Zone XDR platform exposes the full spectrum of assaults and detects them more quickly and accurately. The Incident Advisor provides greater insight and useful advice.

• Consolidates observations and events across the business environment

• Built-in machine learning algorithms for high confidence detections

• Cross-source root cause analysis and context for rapid triage and action

• Guided or automated threat response directly from the platform

Bitdefender's XDR technology utilises sophisticated analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify and immediately address security breaches as they occur. Data from endpoints, networks, and cloud environments are collected and analyzed for anomalies and risks.

Security teams are able to swiftly detect and investigate incidents thanks to the XDR platform's unified view of security events and notifications. It also includes automated reaction features for dealing with security breaches.

Bitdefender XDR is meant to help organizations better their security posture by providing a comprehensive security solution that can detect and respond to threats across multiple environments, and Bitdefender MDR is a comprehensive cybersecurity service that can help businesses of all sizes stay protected from the constantly evolving threat landscape.

DataguardNXT, as a service provider, uses these advanced Bitdefender capabilities to develop innovative approaches to meeting the diverse requirements of their clientele. The MSP generates sales leads for its clients by delivering cutting-edge information technology services. Valued partners of DataguarNXT gain access to additional benefits, such as a pay-as-you-go pricing plan, round-the-clock support, assistance with managing technology vendors, and more.


Apr 28, 2023