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Bitdefender: How to win against Microsoft Defender

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Bitdefender: How to win against Microsoft Defender

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Microsoft Defender and Bitdefender are both recognised for their ability to detect and remove malware from a computer. Microsoft is available for free on all Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices, but Bitdefender provides more comprehensive protection and features.

Virus Scanner — Bitdefender Offers More Scanning Options

Bitdefender comes out on top in this category since its malware-detection scores are flawless, while Microsoft Defender is capable of detecting practically all threats. Both of these antivirus programmes are capable of detecting and eliminating a wide variety of malware types.

In terms of search times, Microsoft Defender is superior. The Quick scan took only 2 minutes to examine 30,000 items, while the Full scan took 1 hour and 14 minutes to examine over 3,000,000 files. Bitdefender's Quick scan required 7 minutes to examine 10,000 items and 48 minutes to examine over 2,000,000 files, which is comparable to Microsoft Defender's speed.

Bitdefender has the superior virus scan overall. It offers more scanning options, a higher rate of malware detection, and reasonable scan times. Bitdefender is capable of scanning your complete system and removing every instance of malware.

Bitdefender provides excellent real-time protection against malware.

Both Microsoft Defender and Bitdefender provide superb real-time threat defence against the latest dangers. Protection in real time is a function that should be included in every antivirus software package. It offers constant protection against malware as well as other forms of online danger.

This functionality is included in all of the best antivirus programmes and other security solutions since it is necessary. In the course of my tests, Microsoft Defender was able to identify 99% of all real-time threats, whereas Bitdefender was able to identify 99.7% of all real-time threats.

Microsoft only protects against phishing attacks on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, whereas Bitdefender is compatible with all main browsers.

System Performance — Bitdefender Consumes Fewer System Resources

Both Microsoft Defender and Bitdefender use a minimal amount of the computer's resources. When running a scan, however, there are notable disparities in the ways in which each antivirus programme impacts the performance of the system.

Bitdefender outperformed Microsoft Defender in a variety of system activities, as detailed below:

-14% delay when launching a popular website (versus 15% for Microsoft Defender).

-Local and network file copying: 0% delay (versus 47% for Microsoft Defender)

-Installation of commonly used applications: 10% (compared to 14% for Microsoft Defender)

Overall, Bitdefender has minimal impact on your computer's performance. Microsoft Defender consumes more CPU resources and has a greater impact on system performance, so Bitdefender comfortably wins this matchup.

VPN — Only Bitdefender Has a VPN

Microsoft Defender does not include a VPN in its offering, whereas most Bitdefender plans include a respectable VPN.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, enables individuals to connect to a private network over the internet in a secure manner. It encrypts all transmitted and received data, making it difficult for hackers or other unauthorised parties to intercept or access the data.

Bitdefender's VPN provides adequate security protection, unblocks the vast majority of streaming sites, and provides swift connections. If you enjoy streaming your favourite television programmes and films, you'll be pleased to learn that with Bitdefender VPN, you can do so without interruptions or lags.

Parental Controls — Bitdefender Features a Parental Controls App

Bitdefender and Microsoft Defender both offer parental control options, but Bitdefender is superior due to its sophisticated configuration options.

Bitdefender's parental control application is effective and simple to use. It enables you to monitor your child's online activity on their device and to set appropriate parental controls to safeguard your children. I found it especially useful for blocking adult content and wagering sites, as well as restricting social media access temporarily.

Other Features - Bitdefender Provides Outstanding Additional Features

Bitdefender provides a broader selection of additional features than Microsoft Defender. The only additional feature discovered on Microsoft Defender was the cloud backup storage (5GB free storage with the option to upgrade to premium), which enables to back up essential files to OneDrive.

The following additional Bitdefender features are extremely useful:

SafePay — establishes a second desktop environment that enables secure online banking and transactions by preventing keylogging, screenshotting, and data interception.

Protection against ransomware — allows you to restore files encrypted during an attack.

Webcam protection — monitors and blocks access to your webcam and microphone by unauthorised applications and websites. Ad-block and Anti-tracking software prevents trackers from accumulating data that could be used to serve you advertisements.

Dark Web Monitoring — enables you to scan the dark web to determine if any of your data has been compromised as a result of a data breach.

Overall, the parental controls of Bitdefender are superior to those of Microsoft Defender. Bitdefender's parental controls are compatible with all main browsers and devices, while Microsoft Defender's parental controls are only compatible with the Edge web browser. Because of this, Bitdefender won this round.

Bitdefender emerged as the clear victor exhaustive testing and comparison. It is evident from these results that Bitdefender has a significant advantage over Microsoft Defender.

Microsoft Defender and Bitdefender are both superior antivirus programmes that provide robust protection against malware and increase the security of your devices.

Microsoft Defender offers near-perfect malware detection rates and adequate protection for free. However, it lacks many essential features, making it unsuitable for comprehensive system protection. In addition, it is Windows-only and does not include additional security features such as a VPN or a password manager.

Bitdefender consistently provided superior protection, identifying and eliminating 100 percent of malware threats, including the most recent zero-day threats. The software's comprehensive scanning process is remarkably lightweight, making it an excellent choice for protecting all of your devices.


May 15, 2023