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Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence: AI's Potential Dangers

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought about remarkable advancements in various fields, but it also comes with potential dangers, particularly in the realm of cybersecurity. Here are some of the key risks associated with the intersection of AI and cybersecurity:

Adversarial Attacks

AI algorithms, such as those used in image recognition or natural language processing, can be fooled or manipulated through carefully crafted inputs. Adversarial attacks involve introducing subtle changes to data that can cause AI systems to misclassify or make incorrect decisions.

Automated Hacking

AI can be employed to automate hacking processes, making cyberattacks more sophisticated, targeted, and difficult to detect. For example, AI-powered bots can scan systems for vulnerabilities and launch attacks at a scale and speed that would be impossible for human hackers.

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Top Cloud Backup Provider Adopts Western Digital Ultrastar Storage as Standard

Acronis Reduces Global Storage Infrastructure Costs and Management.

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Protect your cloud and virtual environments from cyberthreats with Bitdefender security solutions.

AWS Utilizes Complete Cybersecurity Protection from Bitdefender

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Makeover of an existing e-commerce portal for a prominent international jewellery group

Ecommerce portal revamp for a leading international jewellery group

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